The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor

David, a former reporter for the New York Times, has a terrible night when he and his strange new neighbor Robert hit a girl on her bike by accident. David, who is drunk and confused, lets Robert talk him into leaving the scene and leaving the girl for dead so that he can protect his career. Robert doesn't feel bad about what he did, and in the name of friendship, he does awful things to keep the secret safe. Now that the police are really looking for the person who hit and ran, things start to get out of hand when David's local paper sends him to cover the story and he meets Vanessa, the dead girl's sister. Even though she is very upset about her sister's death and wants to find the person who did it, she and David have an instant romantic connection. This surprises and bothers David, and it makes Robert take harsh measures to keep his new friend to himself.

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